Accounting Services

WestCorp provides professional accounting services to self managed and management companies as support for their operations services. Out-source the back office accounting to WestCorp and save the cost of office space, accounting supervision, and training/turnover.

  • RealPage™ financial services that are web based and easily accessible to management and owner, real time.
  • Track all accounts payable and receivable to provide professional financial statements to owners, management, and banks.
  • Control costs by replacing accounting staff with one monthly flat fee per property.
  • Property accounting includes monthly PDF financial reports, bank reconciliations, bill payment, and all specialty reports and inquiries.
  • Access to all data online through web-based general ledgers, vendor payables, resident receivables and budget comparison reports.
  • Includes year-end compliance reports, such as vendor 1099’s and trial balances to auditors or accountants.
  • Set up of accounts, reserve draw procedures, and lock box accounts procedures.