Leasing and Marketing Strategy

Advertising: All advertising will be placed in the best available positions and will market directly to the proper demographic based on input from property manager and regional director and tracked through Google Analytics and Lead Tracking software.

Branding: Create a brand to better increase knowledge and presence in their market as a new development with luxury amenities and resort finishes.

Internet: with our ever-increasing dependence on the internet the advertising available, both paid and free to increase brand awareness to the over 85% of people using the internet as the first line of information gathering. Digital marketing to include, but not limited to:

  • Property Website – Create website with best in class company to create a style and brand development guidelines.
  • ILS Contracting based on regional importance – apartmentguide.com, apartments.com, Zillow.com, Yelp.com, apartmentlist.com

Syndication from OS to all ILS for accurate up to the minute pricing and availability.

  • SEO – through website developer to boost organic results online.
  • SEM – Marketing through WestCorp placed on Google and Facebook
  • Social Media/Review Site Administration – Marketing placed by WestCorp for social presence online and to boost SEO through increased postings.

Signage: Location still manages to be one of the greatest indicators of success and to capitalize on location, signage is an important conveyor of style, brand, and availability.

  • Create “monument” signage that delivers the cohesive brand deliver to create a strong knowledge of location.
  • Specials Signage: New Banners with Loss leader, AFrame, etc.
  • Flags – Bright colors to attract attention.

Collateral: Create original collateral that delivers style and emphasizes new brand.

  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Community Flyers – nearby business postings
  • Flyers for Resident Referral Program

Digital Marketing Platforms – As important as the marketing and branding itself, there are tools that we recommend using to place and manage marketing within a platform. We highly recommend the platforms that automatically integrates with the operating systems for accurate and direct information transfer.

  • Website- Best in Class website developer with multifamily knowledge
  • Online leasing – Online Leasing Platform with realtime availability and pricing with esignature.
  • Syndication – Syndication feed of all pricing, availability, photos, amentities to all ILS advertisers to insure up to the minute accuracy on all online advertising.
  • SEO – Best in Class website developer Search Engine Optimization for website content to create better ranking within all Search Engines such as Google.
  • LMS – Lead tracking system to automatically track phone calls and emails from lead sources for better knowledge of the way marketing dollars are spent.
  • Classified Posting- Craig’s List posting tool for ease of posting to better create online presence as well as SEO ranking.
  • Social/Survey – Social to create social viral campaigns to boost social media presence. Survey to better capture problems or accolades within a private network for property improvement.